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Product Code: 10323

Electrolux P/No: 0122004495

REF Codes:  VU83A000, 1548291, 1556856

Chef Simpson Westinghouse Electrolux oven convent bottom/lower element 2000watts 240volts.

Part number cross reference: 0122004495, 0122004398 10323 03448 VU83A000 20.35142.000 CO-03 SE102 10323 10323 TO1830 10323 VU83A000/S 0122004398 0122004495, 20.35126.000 20.35142.000 TO1830 CO-03 3448 VU83A0 SE108 3130685 03448

Simpson: 63C904S 61F813W-01 75C805 61D813W*04 61D813W*19 61D810W*18 61D890R*19 61D919W*15 61D919W*18 61D919W*19 61D920W*15 61D920W*19 61D817W/15 61D817W*18 61D810W*19 61D890R*18 61D890R*15 61D817W*19 61D811W*19 61F920W 91F919W 61F890R 61F813W 61F813W 61F811W 61F810W 62F851W*27 PAJ145WN*13 PAJ145WN*18 PAJ145WN*19 63C904W*13 63C904W*13 63G904S 63G807W 63G807S 62F841WN 62F841WN*27 63G904W 75C805S 63C04F13

Westinghouse: POL660S POH660W POH675K PAJ501R PAJ143W*13 PAJ144W*13PAJ143W*18 *13 PAJ140W*19 PAJ144W*19 PAJ161B*18 PAJ1691B*19 PAJ501R*13 PAJ501R*19 PAJ501R*18 PAJ501RS*13 PAJ501RS*19 PAJ140W*13 PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*18 PAJ161B*13 PAJ143W*19 PAJ143W*27 PAJ140W827 PAJ161B*27 PAJ501R*27 PAJ501RS*27 POL660S*27 POL660W*02 POL660S*02 POL660W POL660S POH660W*11 POH678W*11

Electrolux : EEC1230W-L*27 EUC5110W*20 EEC1230W-R*27 EUC5110W*18 EUC5130W*18 EUC5110W*19 EBC5010W*04 EBC5010W*18 EBC5010W*19 EBC5010W*20 EBC5030W*04 EBC5030W*19 EBC5040W*04 EBC5040W*20 EBC5040W*19 EUC5110W*04 EUC5130W*04 EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*20 EUC5140W*04 EUC5140W*19 EUC5140W*20 EBC5030W*18 EEC1230W-L*28 EBC5030W*20 EEC1230W-L*20 EEC00.0W-R*18 EEC1230W-R*20

Chef: EEC1230W-R*27 EEC1230W-L*29 EEC1230W-R*29 EUC5130W*04 EUC5110W*18 EUC5110W*04 EUC5110W*20 EUC5110W*19 EUC5130W*18 EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*20 EUC5140W*04 EUC5140W*19 EUC5140W*20 EEC1230W-L*27 EPSZ611W EPSZ611S EOS611W EOS611S EXC611W EXC611S EOC611S EOC611W10323,10323,TO1830,10323,VU83A000/S,0122004398,0122004495,20.35126.000,`\r\r\r,20.35142.000,TO1830,CO-03,3448,1120,SE108,3130685,03448, 10323, EBC5030W 0122004495H”””

REF: 62F841WN*27 62F851W*27 PAJ140W*13 PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*19 PAJ143W*13 PAJ143W*18 PAJ143W*19 PAJ144W*13 PAJ144W*19 PAJ161B*13 PAJ161B*18 PAJ161B*19 PAJ501R*13 PAJ501R*18 PAJ501R*19 PAJ501RS*13 PAJ501RS*19 EUC5110W*04 EUC5110W*18 EUC5110W*19 EUC5110W*20 EUC5130W*04 EUC5130W*18 EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*20 EUC5140W*04 EUC5140W*19 EUC5140W*20 EUC5140W*28 61F810W 61F811W 61F813W 61F817W 61F890R 61F919W 61F920W 61F920WP EOC611S EOC611W PAJ140W*27 PAJ143W*27 PAJ144W*27 PAJ161B*27 PAJ501R*27 PAJ501RS*27 61D810W*18 61D810W*19 61D811W*19 61D813W*04 61d817W*15 61d817w*18 61d817w*19 61d890R*15 61D890R*18 61D890R*19 61D919W*15 61D919W*18 61D919W*19 61D920W*15 61D920W*19 EEC1230W-L*18 EEC1230W-L*20 EEC1230W-R*18 EXC611S EXC611W EEC1230W-R*20 POL660S POL660W EOS611S EOS611W 63G904S 63G904W EBC5010W EBC5030W EBC5040W EBC5010W*04 EBC5010W*18 EBC5010W*19 EBC5010W*20 EBC5030W*04 EBC5030W*18 EBC5030W*19 EBC5030W*20 EBC5040W*04 5040W*19 EBC5040W*20 POL660S*02 POL660W*02 63G807S 63G807W 61F810W*01 61F811W*01 61F813W*01 EEC1230W-L*27 EEC1230W-R*27 EEC1230W-L*29 EEC1230W-R*29 EPSZ611S EPSZ611W POL660S*27 62F851W


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