Chopping Blade

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Bamix Chopping Blade

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Bamix “C” Blade 

Minces, chops and purees raw and cooked vegetables, fruit, cooked meat, frozen fruit for ice cream and sorbets.
Strains soups and sauces.
Purees baby food direct in the pan on the stove (no pouring from one container to another or extra washing-up required).
Mixes doughs for cakes, pastries and omelettes.
Liquidises fruit and berries for desserts and jams.
Even crushes ice cubes for cold drinks and cocktails.


Make Pancakes EASY

Use the Large Bamix Jug.
I simply add 1 cup of self raising flour, 1 Egg, 1 cup of milk. into the Jug and mix with the C blade.
I add Extra milk if it needs it to thin the mix out – if you like add an extra Egg.
I don’t add in sugar. you can if you like – 1 table spoon should be enough
This is enough to make a bunch of small pancakes



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