3200XL Magimix Blendermix Attachment


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Magimix Blendermix Attachment

Something so simple yet so effective, You may have come across your BlenderMix and wonder what it was for “What is it ?”

The Blendermix gizmo is designed by the clever people at Magimix it will totally change the blending process capability of your machine.

Attaches to the top of the bowl – allow air flow and creates a blender action it “Converts centrifugal force into a vortex”

The Blendermix attachment, fitted into the main bowl or lid and used in conjunction with your masterblade turns the Magimix Food Processor into a Blender! The all new BlenderMix attachment changes the direction of the liquid from a centrifugal to a vortex motion.

During this process it finely blends the ingredients, making you smoothies, soups, milk shakes, cake mixes and batters so much smoother, they will never be lumpy again, smoothies will be ultra smooth and even the family favourite milkshake comes out lump free.

With the Blendermix attachment you get all the advantages of a blender as well as all the functions of a processor. Blend soups, purées, milkshakes, smoothies, cake mixes, pancake batter and much more…now even smoother!

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