1248-20V Socket

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Ceramic Terminal Block Vertical – NOW OBSOLETE

Product Code: 1248-20V  ( Limited Stock )

KK42A0S,  821050, 1248-20V, ES4123.

Suit Classic Hotplate Elements:  1248-10, 1249-10, 1250-10

CLASSIC REF Models: — DAVELL; 33N3 MORARO M7 M8, STARLIGHT SLX..  G.E.C./B.G.E. GEC/BGE ; CAPRICE DCA683-S, DCA683-STL.. NEW WORLD/BRAEMAR ; TOPLINE DOUBLE OVEN U/R ER200, EER24D, COOK TOP ER53H, ER54/1, ER54H, UPRIGHT RANGE ER59-2, ER5-2T, ER59-3, ER59-3T, ER59-4T, ER61-1A. TOPLINE RANGE,  ER61++, ER65++, CONQUEST UPRIGHT ER66++, ER67++ FOCAL, APEX, FOCUS UPRIGHT,  Many Others… SIMPSON ; 61-231-010, 61-231-110, 61-231-300, 61-232, 61-232-010, 61-232-110, 61-232-200, 61-232-300, 61-244, 61-245, 61-246, 61-247, 61-249, 61-250, UPRIGHT, ELEVATED, COOKTOP,  SHERIDAN, WESTINGHOUSE PAJ220  PAJ221  PAJ223  PAJ224 PAK220 PAK221 PAK224 PAK304 PAK308 PAL220  LOTS MORE PAR229AR PAR228 PAR226 PAR221 LOTS MORE.. VULCAN-EVERHOT CAMDEN, BARCLAY, GLENDON, WINTON,  KENLEIGH, WESTBROOK COOKING TOP, ALBANY, MOTEREY,

Classic and modern Electric Stove & Cooktop Spare parts


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